About Us

Power Engineering Training Services Ltd. provides consistent, high quality training and services to candidates wishing to obtain certification as a Power/Operating Engineer (4th through 1st Class) or as a Plant Operator.

We are currently providing simultaneous services to approximately 120 clients. Our clients are employed across all industrial sectors: Power generation, co-generation, oil refining, petrochemical, pulp & paper, textiles, waste incineration, pollution control, general manufacturing and building utilities.

The training prepares the candidate to successfully challenge the government prescribed, SOPEEC examinations. All jurisdictions in Canada belong to SOPEEC, the Standardization of Power Engineer Examinations Committee.

Our approach to training has been specifically tailored to meet the needs of persons working fulltime and usually on shift.

We primarily offer an email based, 'directed' study program, supported by a 7 day per week tutorial service.

Power Engineering Training Services also offer other related courses, services and programs:

  • codes, regulations and standards
  • specific equipment
  • mathematical and/or examination writing skills
  • preparation for reinstatement of a lapsed certificate
  • selected ‘topic’ training such as thermodynamics, mechanics, electrotechnology, metallurgy and welding

The primary courseware used by Power Engineering Training Services is published by PanGlobal Training Systems. Their courseware is endorsed by SOPEEC.

Where necessary, our courses include additional training material to supplement the PanGlobal courseware.