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Applied Sciences

This course is especially designed for candidates wishing to start their studies for their 2nd and/or 1st Class Power Engineering certificates.

Experience shows us that candidates studying at the 1st & 2nd class levels who:

  • have not studied for sometime or
  • are weak in the applied sciences (Mathematics, Mechanics, Thermodynamics & Electrical Theory) and/or
  • obtained their earlier qualification under the pre 1997 Ontario system

often have extreme difficulty jumping directly into courses requiring calculations to be performed. They become frustrated as they battle to pick up forgotten knowledge and skills.


  • Regain the required mathematical and science skills
  • Tackle all required 2nd and/or 1st Class calculations with confidence
  • Eliminate frustration and the tendency to quit studying due to examination failures

Participants may complete the course at their own pace (Standard time is 4 months). Participants receive 31 lesson plans and tutorial support 7 days per week.

Course Content

Mathematics: Numerical math , SI units, Algebra , Powers & Roots, Equations & Formula Solving, Trigonometry (Sine, Cosine & Tan), Mensuration (cylinders, frustums), Vectors (Resultants, Equilibriums & Components)

Applied Mechanics: Friction, Force, Work & Power, Energy (Potential & Kinetic), Velocity & Acceleration (Linear & Angular), Stress, Strain & Factor of Safety, Beams, Reaction Forces & Bending Moments, Simple Machines (Wheel, Axle, Pulley, Screw Jack), Mass, Density, Weight & Pressures

Applied Thermodynamics: Flow of Continuity, Heat, Heat Transfer, Mixtures and Calorimetry, Expansions (Linear, Superficial & Volumetric), Steam (Terminology, Calculations, Tables & Charts), Enthalpy Diagrams, Gas Laws, Pressure Volume Diagrams, Processes (Isothermal, Adiabatic & Polytropic)

Electrical Theory: Electrical Circuits, Power, Frequency and Phase Angles, Reactance (Inductive & Capacitive), Power Factor, kVA & KW.

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