4th Class


The 4rd Class program comprises 2 courses, one for each national (SOPEEC) examination. Our standard courses are email based, home study courses with tutorial support. Our courses include:

  • Weekly study guides to focus your learning & test your knowledge
  • Tutorial support throughout the entire course, seven days per week
  • Supplementary learning material as required

Our study guides bring structure and focus to your studies; providing you with direction as to what to learn and what is less important. Together with the study guides, you will receive thousands of multiple-choice, exam type, questions.

The answers to the questions can be sent to your tutor for marking and help in getting to the right answer.

So, using the books and our materials, you study what is important, test yourself and receive help. You can be certain that you have gained the knowledge needed for the exam.

Practical Experience In order to obtain their certificate, applicants for certification must, in addition to passing the two 4th Class exams, have the practical experience required by their provincial regulator.

Ontario Candidates should refer to Practical Time Requirements Section (towards the end) of TSSA's 4th Class Certification & Examination Guide: http://www.tssa.org/CorpLibrary/ArticleFile.asp?Instance=136&ID=112974EAF2AD424EAF362B846D3F5E71

Persons who have obtained their experience outside of Canada must have their experienced assessed by TSSA.See: http://www.tssa.org/regulated/operating/certification/operatingCertificate12.asp

Course Details

4A Applied Mathematics; Mechanics & Dynamics; Thermodynamics; Mechanical Drawing; Administration; Codes & Regulations; Hazardous Materials, Plant Safety & Fire Protection; Environment, Materials & Welding, Piping & Valves, High Pressure Boiler Design, Parts & Fittings & Operation; Feed Water Treatment
4B Prime Movers & Engines; Pumps & Compressors; Lubrication: Electricity; Controls, Instrumentation & Computers; Heating Boilers,, Systems & Controls; Auxiliary Building Systems; Vapour Compression Systems; Absorption Refrigeration; Air Conditioning Systems; Boiler Maintenance; Types of Plants

Each course costs $485 and lasts 17 weeks.

Start Dates

4th Class Courses start on the first Monday of every month.

Special, non-scheduled, courses, which provide you with flexibility as to start date and duration, may be available on request. An additional administrative fee is payable.


Participants need to have their own copy of the 4th Class textbooks (either Edition 2.0 or 2.5) published by PanGlobal (otherwise known as Power Engineering Training Systems). It covers both of the 4th class courses. For your convenience, we can order them for you.

Product Description

Client Price Taxes Total
4th Class Textbook Set (2.5 Edition) 731.69 36.58 768.27

All prices include shipping & handling. Payment at time of order is required.

Textbook Rental

We have a limited number of textbooks that may be rented. The net cost of renting the books for each course is $160 plus taxes. There is also a refundable deposit; fully refundable if the books are returned in good condition.